• Emergency Information

    While emergencies are not something we expect to happen, it is important to prepare for any eventuality. Bellevue Union School District is dedicated to the safety of our students and is proactive in communicating and upgrading our emergency procedures and policies.

    Daily School Safety

    • All visitors are required to sign in to the school office
    • School sites all have "Columbine locks"
    • Student Emergency Contacts are updated regularly
    • Students will only be released to family/friends listed on the emergency contact card
    • Be prepared to present a photo ID when picking up your student
    • A student release form may be requested
    • Emergency drills for both students & staff

    If a school emergency, major disaster (fire, earthquake, flood), closing, or cancellation occurs, a phone message will inform you of the most current information available at that time. If it is an ongoing event, updates will be sent to you. If you would like to be notified via email please contact your school office.

    Parent/Guardian Role in Emergencies : Steps you can take….

    BEFORE EMERGENCY:  Prevention/Preparedness 

    Report any safety issues, concerns or rumors to your school principal or police/sheriff. Support security measures when visiting our schools by signing in and out at the school office and wearing a visitor’s badge at all times while at the school.
    Regularly update your student’s Emergency Card with your current contact information and emergency information. Your child will NOT be released to anyone who is not on this emergency card.

    DURING EMERGENCY: Response  

    In a school emergency, the first instinct of many parents is to call their child or school and/or rush to the school to get their children.   The best action parents can take in an emergency is to stay close to their phone and email and to monitor local radio and TV reports for regular updates and instructions.  

    • Do not come to your child’s school during emergency situations. The school access route and street entrance areas must remain clear for emergency vehicles.
    • Avoid calling the school or the district offices during the emergency. Please leave our lines open for emergency calls and responders.
    • Stay close to your telephone listed on your child’s emergency card for district updates through our automated telephone system.
    • Encourage your child to follow the school staff instructions and remain in the designated evacuation area until an authorized adult picks them up.
    • Monitor the district's website www.busd.org for emergency information
    • If the school is evacuated parents will be directed to a specific location called a parent reunification center where they will be required to show valid identification/photo identification.
    • Students will be released only to authorized individuals - please keep your school emergency contacts up to date.

    The Student Release Procedure If there is an Emergency:

    • Bring a photo ID with you to school.
    • Park only in areas designated for parents; leave room for emergency vehicles.  Walk to school, if possible.
    • Follow the directions of school personnel and cooperate fully with public safety officials.
    • Fill out the Student Request Form
    • Show photo ID at Request Gate
    • Go to Student Release Gate to wait for children
    • Pick up all children for whom you are authorized.
    • Leave campus as soon as you are reunited with the   student(s) released to your custody.

    AFTER EMERGENCY: Recovery  

    Following a school crisis, specially trained school and district crisis intervention members are available to provide counseling and outside referrals to students, staff members and others who may need it.   

    • Monitor your student’s behavior and let the school know if you think counseling or help is needed.
    • The district will work as quickly as possible to restore normal school operations and will inform parents of any changes.

    Healing from Hardship:
    Projects & Writing

    La Recuperación después de una Experiencia Adversa:
    Proyectos, Escribir y Otras Actividades

    Enlaces y Recursos

  • Emergency News Outlets:

    Radio Stations
    KSRO 1350 am
    KSRO 1350 am
    KZST 100.1 fm
    KBBF 90.1 fm


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