• Bellevue Union School District Educational Technology

    To fully prepare our students to be successful in the technological demands of work in the 21st century three questions guide our decisions for educational technology: 1) What technology will have the largest impact on the education of our students? 2)  How will we train our teachers and staff to use it effectively to meet the need of the Common Core and 21st century learning? 3) How can plan are deployments responsibly to ensure sustainability?

    Through our districts 1:1 program, adaptive computer programs and personalized learning initiative we are better able to meet the needs of all students and prepare them to actively contribute in their community once they finish their educational career

    BUSD Education Technology Program Specifics

    • 1:2 device to student ratio in grades K-2
    • 1:1 device to student ratio in grades 3-6
    • Adaptive software in both EL in math to meet students in their Zone of Proximal Development


    Lawrence Black  Director Educational Technology and Innovation
    e-mail: lblack@busd.org
    Phone: (707) 542 -5197 ex 10