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Uniform Complaint Procedures

One of our district’s goals is to make sure that parents are seen as partners in the education of our students.
This includes encouraging more parents to become active participants in the school environment. One of the
benefits of having parents as partners is the benefit of being able to improve our schools through multiple
perspectives. Therefore we encourage frequent communication between parents and the site administration.
Parents are highly encouraged to provide feedback on how we can improve to make our schools better for the

We understand that some concerns may arise that require all parties to work together towards a viable
solution to resolve matters at the site level. If after attempts to resolve a concern a parent is not satisfied,
parents do have the option to forward their concerns to the district office level. In these cases in accordance
with our Board Policy 1312.3 a uniform complain can be filed to prompt a district level investigation.

Links are also available on our Opening Packet/Annual Parent Notifications Page

Concerns regarding textbooks, instructional materials and school facilities can be addressed as per instructions on our Complaints & Investigation Page