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Parent Resources


Parents say that raising their children is the most rewarding aspect of their lives—but that doesn’t mean it’s easy, or that parents always have all the answers.

Healthy Eating -Student success starts with nutrition. When children are well nourished they are more likely to succeed, they also learn and behave better. We can help our students to develop healthy eating habits by promoting the Bellevue Union School District Wellness Policy at school and in the classroom.

Health - If you have health concerns about your children, the American Academy of Pediatrics' site provides excellent children's health information.

Immigrant Education Rights -SCOE has created a web resource that notifies immigrant families of their educational rights under state and federal law, including changes under the recently passed A.B. 699. - English - Espanol

Media - Today's children have unprecedented access to information and experiences through computers, the internet, video games, TV, and cell phones. Common Sense Media gives parents critical information about digital media choices like the latest "must have" video games.

Safety - Keeping your children safe is a primary responsibility of all parents. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children provides resources for keeping kids safe.

Substance Abuse — Learn about the types of peer pressure students face, how to talk about the dangers of drug use and how to determine if your teen is using drugs at Parents. The Anti Drug

Technology — Learn about how to protect you online privacy. The NetSmartz Workshop teaches children the rules for online safety.

Transportation - Although the district does have limited school bus availability for students to their school of residence, it is the responsibility of the parent to get their child to school on time.

Housing Connection program through the Sonoma County Housing Authority.


Here is the list of other resources:

  • Catholic worker- able to assist with back rent, deposit, first month’s rent, utilities. (707) 575-8342
  • CAPS/Seasons of Sharing has deposit, rental, and utility assistance available. They often have a long wait time for callbacks, going in-person can be helpful., Andy- 707-544-6911 ext 1013
  • Petaluma People Services can assist with anyone in the city limits of Petaluma:
  • SAY has a Homelessness Prevention program that assist people not yet homeless to pay back rent or deposit. For SAY, applicants must be under the age of 26. # 1-888-729-0012
  • Catholic Charities has a Housing Counseling program which functions as a Homelessness Prevention project. They provide case management, financial assistance, etc #707-528-8712