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School Counseling is for Everyone!

The school counseling department works to support the social emotional needs of students on our campuses so students can access their learning. 

The counseling department's vision is to foster confident, capable, compassionate people. Our mission is to facilitate an engaging school culture where personal growth is nourished, kindness is the norm and respect is universal. 

Classroom Lessons

BUSD uses CharacterStrong for the social emotional learning curriculum. CharacterStrong is a research-based social emotional learning and character based curriculum. It supports the social emotional (SEL) competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. Classroom teachers facilitate lessons weekly using the CharacterStrong curriculum. In addition, school counselors support classroom guidance throughout the year by further supporting the CharacterStrong curriculum or may address other topics as needed for an individual classroom. Topic examples may  include feelings, social skills, friendship, conflict resolution, different abilities, and diversity.

Small Groups

Students who demonstrate a need for additional support may benefit from small group counseling support. Small groups can address challenges like grief, friendship skills, self-esteem, managing stress, anxiety, coping skills, or address issues specific to a gender and age group. The specialized offering can give students additional support when a student needs support beyond the classroom lessons.


Meeting with students individually gives an additional level of support to help students learn strategies to calm down strong feelings, manage behavior, and get along with others so they can be happy, safe, and successful at school. Individual school counseling is a short term intervention typically offering 6 to 8 weeks of individual support. School counselors may then share community resources with families should a student need longer term.

Whole School Activities

Site leadership teams and all school staff work together to support a positive school environment everyday. Activities may include assemblies, guest speakers, positive rewards and student recognition.

Counseling Staff

Each site is staffed with a full time school counselor to assist in supporting students' needs. School counselors work as a team with school staff, parents, and the community. Elementary school years set the tone for developing knowledge, attitudes, and skills, necessary for children to become healthy, competent and confident learners.