Department of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

  • The Department of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment oversees the instructional program offered to all students, including student assessment.

     Aracely Romo Flores

    Aracely Romo-Flores
    Director of Curriculum and English Learners
    Learning Center
    2641 Dutton Meadow
    3150 Education Drive
    Santa Rosa, CA 95407 
    Phone: 544-8164

    Prior to joining Bellevue Union School District, Ms. Romo-Flores...

    Adopted Curriculum

    English Language Arts – 

    • TK - World of Wonders (McGraw Hill); Happily Ever After (Zaner-Bloser); Teaching Strategies for Early Childhood (Teaching Strategies, LLC) 
    • Grades K-6, McGraw Hill Wonders, SDC Voyager Passport; Writing by Design (K-6) 
    • Spanish Language Arts - Grades K-4, McGraw Hill Maravillas
    • Grades TK-6 Writing Curriculum Writing by Design

    Mathematics –

    • TK - Teaching Strategies for Early Childhood (Teaching Strategies, LLC)
    • Grades TK-5 -  McGraw Hill My Math; Number Worlds
    • Spanish Math Grades TK-5 - Mis Matemáticas (McGraw Hill) 
    • Grade 6 -  California Math (McGraw-Hill);  
    • TK-6th - Number Worlds (McGraw Hill) - English and Spanish-

    History Social Science –

    • K-6 - California Vistas  (McGraw Hill) - English and Spanish

    Science –

    • K-6 - California Science (McGraw Hill) - English and Spanish

    Social Emotional Learning -

    • Character Strong


    The BUSD assessment system includes a variety of diagnostic and progress monitoring tests given throughout the school year in all classrooms to assess students' literacy and mathematics skills. Assessments include:

    • RenLearn Star360 Early Literacy, Reading, and Math
    • Hasbrouck & Tindal's Phonics Survey
    • Hasbrouck & Tindal's Oral Reading Fluency Assessment
    • A district genre writing assessment is also administered
    • CAASPP interim assessments are also administered to 3rd-6th grade students in the fall and winter trimesters to monitor students' progress and diagnose areas of need.  
    • CAASPP summative assessments are administered to 3rd-6th grade students in the spring trimester.


    SIPPS (Systematic Instruction in Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and Sight Words) is a research-based foundational skills program based on the premise that beginning literacy is best taught through two distinct strands, one focusing on decoding and the other on comprehension. Although comprehension is relatively grade-level specific, students differ dramatically in their decoding skills. To address these differences, decoding instruction must be flexible and multi-leveled, both across and within grades.

    The SIPPS program uses a unique process and content to help students develop reading fluency quickly and effectively.

    Our Literacy Para-Professionals have been trained to utilize SIPPs to support students in all grades in the Bellevue Union School District.

    GRADES K–3

    Beginning Level addresses the simple alphabetic phase.
    Extension Level addresses the spelling-pattern phase.
    Challenge Level addresses the most complex, polysyllabic/morphemic phase.

    GRADES 4–12

    SIPPS Plus addresses the simple alphabetic and spelling-pattern phases of foundational skills instruction and is uniquely designed for intervention instruction for students in grades 4–12. 
    Challenge Level addresses the most complex, polysyllabic stage of decoding. Differentiated word lists make it easy to adapt each lesson for readers in middle or high school.