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Visual And Performing Arts (VAPA)

Visual and Performing Arts at BUSD

The Bellevue Union School District is excited to offer opportunities for our students to explore their potential beyond the core curriculum in ELA and Math.

All our schools offer TK-3 singing, 4-5th marimba and 6th grade song writing during the school day. After school we have piano for all students enrolled in the district and marimba for 6th graders. When we can hire a violin instructor, violins will be offered to our 5th & 6th graders one day a week after school on all school campuses.

Through our partnerships with the Luther Burbank Center students enjoy additional visual and performing arts opportunities.

If you'd like to donate to the violin program feel free to write a check to the Bellevue Union School District. Please specify that is is for the violin program on the check.

We are excited to continue to develop our students creative potential through our visual and performing art programing!