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Early Learning Center

Early Learning Center  green circle logo with %22PARCCS Preschool in the center with sunflowers & list to the right: Partnership, Access,  Readiness, Child-centered, Communication

BUSD Early Learning Center
2014 Moraga Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Phone: 707-388-8540
Office Hours 8am-4pm M-F

Rosa Cuevas
Special Education Administrative Assistant (Habla espanol) 
Phone: 707-388-8540

Susie Hirsch
Program Specialist 
Phone: 707-388-8540

The BUSD Early Learning Center (ELC) is a collaborative multi-agency center which has been designed to meet the needs of our youngest students in the Bellevue Community. The ELC is located on Moraga Drive across from the Kawana campus. 

The ELC includes a State Preschool operated by North Bay Children's Center (NBCC), and district-operated special education programs. These programs provide opportunities for children ages 3-4 for full-day, part-day and specially-designed instructional programs. In addition, the ELC outdoor classroom is equipped with age-appropriate play structures and spaces that facilitate and support early learning. 

We appreciate the support from numerous local partners, including the Community Action Partnership/First Five, Sonoma County Health Services / Cradle to Career, Sonoma County Wine Country Weekend, North Bay Children's Center and the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors. Additionally, we appreciate the state and federal resources that provide support for our ELC.


PARCCS stands for Partnership, Access, Readiness, Child Centered, Communication, & Social Skills. The program serves students with autism spectrum disorders, or students who have needs that require a highly structured environment, extensive communication training, and routine access to sensory regulation tools. These classes utilize a variety of evidence based practices including Behavioral Analysis, Differential Reinforcement, TEACCH, Discrete Trial, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), Pivotal Response Training, and social skills training. Staff support students in developing relationships with both adults and peers. Visual systems are embedded throughout the program in the schedule, academics, use of visual timers, and technology. Explicit instruction occurs throughout the entire school day including arrival, departure, recess and snack.  Students receive instruction in daily living skills including eating, toileting, communication, and social skills during this time. Students are provided opportunities to work with peers in general education through the District’s partnership with the North Bay Children's Center.

  • School District: Bellevue Union Elementary School District
  • Grades: Pre-School ages 3-4

ELC Room 3 2024-25 Calendar
ELC Room 1 & 2 2024-25 Calendar