• Special Education Department

    ​We offer a continuum of programs and services in the Bellevue Union District.
    In our 4 Elementary Schools we have 4 Resource Specialist and 4 Special Day Class programs. Every student with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) in the district receives specialized instruction,  physical education and when appropriate is mainstreamed in the General Education Program as per their IEP.
    We work in partnership with the Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE), which operates specialized programs for students with more significant needs, and offer a variety of programs to all students in Sonoma County. We house two of their classes in our District.  

    Other highlights about our programs:
    All of our staff use technology in their classes so that students can participate in the curriculum at their schools and access specialized programs.
    All of our schools have special education teachers, psychologists, speech and OT services available.

    What's new and what's happening-

    In 2016, Bellevue is excited to announce that we are opening an Early Intervention Preschool program which will be housed across the street from the Kawana campus. This program will be for students between the ages of 3-5 who may have learning differences or specialized needs as per their IEP.   

    Our district is "taking back" three programs from the Redwood Consortium. 

  • Picture of Gilda DeNiro Director of Student Services:
     Gilda DeNiro
     3150 Education Drive
     Santa Rosa, CA 95407 
     Phone: 542-5197 ex 3
     Fax: 542-6127


    Gilda DeNiro received her BA from San Francisco State University in 1980 and three credentials which include a single subject in music, educational specialist in special education and an administrative services credential.

    Gilda grew up in San Francisco and taught music and special education with the San Francisco Unified School District for 10 years. After receiving her administrative service credential in 1993, Gilda continued as an administrator in San Francisco as an assistant principal, and principal at the elementary and middle school level. 

    Special Education was her passion and therefore left San Francisco and took on many roles as a program specialist, program coordinator in Concord, Daly City and worked at the Santa Rosa City Schools before coming to Bellevue.