Maintenance & Operations

  •  The Department of Maintenance and Operations is committed to providing pleasant, effective service through efficient communication, cooperative teamwork and organized planning to ensure a safe, healthy learning environment. 

    Roger Farrell
    ​Director of Maintenance and Operations

    Phone: (707) 542 -5197 ext 9
    Maintenance Request:

    Roger Farrell comes to Bellevue Union with a diverse background that suits the unique opportunities our Director of Maintenance and Operations encounters on any given day.

    For the past 20 years Roger has gathered and developed a wealth of experiential knowledge working in and/or as a manager of projects within the construction and skilled facility maintenance industry. His past experience working in the construction and maintenance field, as an educator and as an emergency responder provides a familiarity with the operation needs of our District.

    As a past resident of San Diego and Fresno he has had opportunity to know first hand the diverse cultures of our Great State. He has been a resident of Sonoma County since 2000 with his wife Christina and their 3 children.

BUSD Sites

  • Bellevue Elementary
    3223 Primrose Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95407
    Meadow View Elementary
    2665 Dutton Meadow, Santa Rosa, CA 95407
    SPA/Meadow View Annex
    2641 Dutton Meadow, Santa Rosa, CA 95407
    Kawana Springs Elementary
    2121 Moraga Dr, Santa Rosa, CA 95407
    Early Learning Center
    2014 Moraga Dr, Santa Rosa, CA 95407
    Taylor Mountain Elementary
    1210 E. Bellevue Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95407
    BUSD District Office
    3150 Education Dr, Santa Rosa, CA 95407

BUSD 2019-2024 Facility Plan

District Facility Planning Timeline

  • 3.13.17 Current Director of Maintenance & Operations was hired.

    4.6.17 Action Plumbing & Heating begins repair relationship with Kawana.

    9.26.17 Annual Site Safety Inspection w/ RESIG.

    11.1.17 District Strategic Facility Planning Meeting "Kick Off" - Let's make a beautiful & safe place for our community.

    11.1.17-12.13.17 Site Walk Throughs & comprehensive facilities condition assessment.

    12.13.17 Certificated Staff (Teachers) Facility Survey.

    Data also collected from Facility Inspection Tool Reports, 2015-16 LCAP, Previous contractors/managers & construction reports and Annual fire inspections from Rincon Valley Fire District & Santa Rosa Fire Department.

    5.5.18 Major sewer lines video inspected by Sewer Camera Services and Action Plumbing.

    7.20.18 Annual District Wide Playground Safety Inspection.

    7.25.18 MBS Engineering Performed gas leak detection, followed by repairs to our natural gas systems.

    9.25.18 Met with Principals to separate tasks into Custodian/Maintenance & Ops Team/Outside Contractor.

    1.10.19 BUSD Leadership Team built criteria:

    #1 Safety & Liability

    #2 Fix Now or Pay Later

    #3 Curb Appeal

    #4 Base Level Services or Facilities at each site

    Projects were organized based on above criteria and on cost

    3.12.19 Two years of District Wide Facility Planning was presented to the Board in the 2019-2024 Facility Plan.

    4.16.19 2019 Summer Facility Improvement Plan Projects Outline shared to the BUSD Board.

    4.22.19 Pre-Bid Walks for Roofing and Dry Rot Repairs

    3.13.17 to Present Day over 800 work order requests completed, some of which had been submitted as far back as 2015, by our cuurent Maintenance & Custodial Teams.

    6.3.19 to 8.9.19 Completed 42 capital maintenance, repair and improvement projects throughout our BUSD.

    9.17.19 Presented to the Board an accounting for the 42 projects completed. See Presentation titled 2019 BUSD Summer Projects Cost Summary.

    10.15.19 Presented to the Board BUSD Utilization of District Fascilities & Portable Classroom Feasibility Report and BUSD Planned Facility Projects for 2020 & 2021.