BUSD Does Science/STEAM!

  • Bellevue Union School District will host our 2019-2020 District Wide Science/STEAM Fair February 26th on our Meadow View Campus.

    The BUSD Science/STEAM fair gives students in all grades the opportunity to learn in-depth about a topic of their choice, to engage in hands on learning and present their knowledge to the wider Bellevue Community.

    In previous years we've had an awesome line up of volunteer judges from our community including volunteers from Sonoma County, Korbel, Keysight, GHD, and the Community Action Program!

2018-19 Science/STEAM Fair Winners

  • First Place Third Place
    Taven Sengaroun Cesar Perez
    Karina Hernandez Fatima Ramos
    Rolano Michaca Lizzy Kirumira
    Julio Perez Yesenia Dagio
    George Guadalupe Sanchez Eric Huen Beltran
    Ximena Ayala Alexia Robles
    Jonathan Carrillo Dulce Tapia
    Angel Barragan Gustavo Martinez
    Sergio Hercules Luis Rico
    Giselle Molina Jovanni Solis
    Pedro Rosales Valeria Mendoza Trejo
    Alejandro Cabellero Kawana Springs 1st Grade Mrs Duarte
    Kamala Goldberg Covell Kawana Springs 2nd Grade Dr. Feltes
    Diego Callejas Khael Cervantes
    Anthony Flores Jarette Gonzalez
    Selene Mojica Lesli Cejas
    Saul Andrade Sofia Garcia
    Mason Higginbotham Yulitza Maldonado
      Brianna Ceja
      Jessica Gonzalez
      Jeanette Banuelos


Science/STEAM Fair Timelines

    • September - start thinking about your school projects!
      • Is the focus going to be traditional Science Fair or STEAM?
      • Project should be inquiry based
      • Display should be clear and organized
      • Must include typed summary
      • Must include notebook
      • Bonus Points for In person Interview with Judges
    • January/February School Science/STEAM Fairs
    • February District Science/STEAM Fair