Facility Improvement Bonds

  • Bellevue Union School District has Facility Improvement Bonds J & D and the newly Aproved C. Facility Improvement Bonds can only be used to maintain/repair/build school facilities.

    To learn more about recent and future facility projects check out the Maintenance & Operations page

    Some current projects:

    • Replace old heating, plumbing and electrical systems with energy efficient systems
    • Repair or replace aging roofs
    • Renovate and Modernize classrooms
    • Pavement Improvements
    • Dryrot repair/replacement

    Projects Completed:

    • Solar arrays have been installed at each school campus. The solar arrays will help us to save resources by reducing some of the District's energy costs.
    • New Classrooms
    • Multipurpose room at Taylor Mountain
    • New Bathrooms at Meadow View
    • Kawana Springs Plumbing/sewer mapping project
    • The Bellevue Elementary Phase III New Frontage, Parking Lot, Bus Lane and Student Drop-Off Lane
    • The Kawana Renovation, New Kindergarten Building and Grounds, Classroom Air Conditioning, New Frontage, Bus Lane and Student Drop Off, and New Parking Lot
    • The new Early Learning Center campus across from Kawana

    Due to the 2017 Bond refinancing District taxpayers have seen a decrease in property taxes associated with BUSD.