• Bellevue Union School District, School Board

    The Governing Board of the Bellevue Union School District generally meets the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm (Closed session begins at 6pm) with exceptions due to budgetary timelines, legal holidays or school recesses.   Meetings are generally held in the Yvonne L. Kennedy Board Room located in District Office, 3150 Education Drive, next to Taylor Mountain School unless otherwise noted.

    Board Contact:
    Stephanie Merrida-Grant - President - smerrida-grant@busd.org
    Lisa Reyes - Vice President -  lreyes@busd.org
    John Jarvis - Trustee - jjarvis@busd.org
    ​Adele Walker - Trustee - awalker@busd.org
    Victor Ayala - Trustee - vayala@busd.org

    The public is welcome to attend Board meetings, generally the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm (Closed session begins at 5:30pm) with exceptions due to budgetary timelines, legal holidays or school recesses.  Please review the agenda for each meeting's starting time. Meetings are usually held in the Board Room located in District Office, 3150 Education Drive, next to Taylor Mountain School unless otherwise noted on the agenda.

    ​Additional meetings are scheduled as necessary. 

    The public is invited to comment on items being considered for action by the Board before the item is voted upon. We always must ask ourselves, how will this benefit the students in our district. There is also an opportunity for public comment at each meeting for members of the public to address the Board on topics not covered on the agenda.

    The Board Meeting agenda is published the Friday before each regularly scheduled Board meeting. A paper copy is available for review in the Superintendent's Office at the time of posting. Digital copies are available at www.busd.org

    The Board will also hold a Closed Session during most meetings. This portion of the meeting is not open to the public. At this time, the Board may discuss only items allowed to be considered in Closed Session, per the Brown Act, such as personnel matters, negotiations, student discipline, property matters and pending litigation.

    Minutes are kept of all Board meetings, recording actions taken by the Board. Once adopted, these minutes are public records and available for inspection in the Superintendent's Office and on the website.

    ​District Employees, parents and community members shall treat each other with civility, courtesy and respect. 

    Civility Policy (BP 1313)
  • Stephanie Merrida-Grant, Trustee 2014-18

    Picture Trustee Merrida-Grant Stephanie Merrida-Grant is the Program Coordinator for HOST and for the Homeless Services Center at Catholic Charities, Diocese of Santa Rosa. Mrs. Merrida-Grant studied at the University of South Western Louisiana majoring in biology and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health from  Monroe College. She grew up in Santa Rosa is an alumna of Bellevue Elementary. Stephanie and her husband have four children have all attended Bellevue Elementary School.

  • Adele Walker, Trustee 2016-2020

    Picture Trustee Placeholder Adele Walker is Payroll Technician for the Roseland School District, prior to Roseland she worked for the Wright School District in western Santa Rosa and Bellevue Union School District in similar roles. She attended Santa Rosa High and studied at Santa Rosa Junior College.

  • Lisa Reyes, Trustee 2014-2018

    Picture Trustee Reyes Lisa Reyes is a Family Outreach Worker for Community Action Partnership Head Start. All four of her children attended Kawana and her grandchildren currently attend the Dual Immersion strand at Kawana Springs.

  • Victor Ayala, Trustee 2014-2018

    Picture Trustee Ayala ​Victor Ayala is the proud father of two clever & kind daughters, as well as an active baby boy. Both daughters went through schools in the Bellevue Union School District. Originally from Mexico Victor has worked hard to become bilingual. He fondly remembers his days in school as an active participant in school activities, such as drama. He is hoping for the same fond memories of school for his children and all the children in the school district.

  • John Jarvis, Trustee 2018

    John Jarvis School Board Trustee John Jarvis, provisional appointee, is a United States Coast Guard Veteran, Termite inspector for Clark Pest Control and Captain America for "Hope, Love and Magic" (non-profit). He is the proud father of 3 boys who have all attended Bellevue Elementary and his eldest son attended Stony Point Academy.