• Sunrise Taylor Mountain Bellevue Union School District is going through an exciting period of growth and educational development.  We adopted a new Common Core English Language Arts curriculum for the 2013-14 school year, a new Mathematics curriculum in 2014-15, a Dual Immersion Program,  reinvigorated GATE Program, the BUSD Early Learning Center (ELC), and new preschools for fall 2016. Our technology infrastructure is keeping abreast of California Common Core requirements with Chromebooks and iPads district wide. Our 3-6 grade are learning in a 1:1 environment, with a goal to have one device per student. Chorus is available to 3rd-6th grade students after school at all sites and ArtAttack is being incorporated into classrooms. 

    ‚ÄčIn 2015 we started some major modernization and improvements our school sites and in Spring 2016 we began the awaited retrofit of our Kawana campus and construction of the ELC site on Moraga Drive. Affordable after school care is available and school libraries are open a half hour before school starts for early arrivals.

    BUSD continues to offer:

    • Literacy paraeducators
    • Credentialed PE Teachers for all students
    • Positive behavior program PBIS/BEST
    • Bilingual parent liaison
    • Transitional kindergarten (also called bridge or two year kindergarten)
    • Preschool
    • 1:1 Chromebooks for all students in grades 3-6
    • 1:2 Chromebooks for all students grades K-2
    • Access to iPads and Chromebooks for K-2
    • Visual and Performing Arts
    • Meals cooked on site by school chefs (Meadow View, Bellevue & Taylor Mountain)
    • Dual Immersion strand at Kawana Springs

    Should you decide your child will not be attending a school of residence in our district or experiencing one of our award winning teachers, you must complete an inderdistrict enrollment request.

    The Bellevue Union School Board feels all students benefit from attendance at their neighborhood schools, as such all interdistricts will be reviewed and approved or denied based on Policy 5117. If an interdistrict does not meet Policy 5117 it will be denied. Please review Policy 5117 before completing your interdistrict form.

    Starting in the 2014-15 school year the Bellevue Union School District has instituted a 3% of estimated daily attendance cap on all approved interdistrict requests.

    Outgoing interdistrict requests for the following school year will be approved or denied starting February 1 annually based on Board Policy 5117.

    Las solicitudes interdistritales salientes para el siguiente año escolar serán aprobadas o rechazadas a partir del 1 de febrero de cada año, según la Política de la Junta 5117.

    Please read Board Policy 5117 before completing your form.

    Please complete your form in its entirety.


    Por favor lea la Política de la Junta 5117 antes de completar su formulario.

    Por favor complete su formulario en su totalidad.

Interdistrict Process

  • Process:

    1. Please read Board Policy 5117 before completing your form.
    2. Complete an interdistrict form. (Use the employment related form if you work in the district you are requesting.)
    3. Please fill form completely. If you have two child care providers list both.
    4. Submit the form to the District Office, 3150 Education Dr, fax to 707-542-6127 or email superintendent@busd.org.
    5. School Districts have 30 days from the date of receipt to notify parents if their request has been approved or denied.
    6. If your request is approved it will be forwarded directly to your desired district for their review (they will approve/deny based on their board policy).
    7. If your request is denied you will receive a copy of the denied application plus a letter explaining next steps -> a) call the district office, b) complete a BUSD appeal packet within 30 days (failure to meet the 30 day deadline will be deemed an abandonment of the process), c) turn in your appeal packet, d) be present at the BUSD Board Meeting.
    8. Additional details & steps are provided by the Sonoma County Office of Education


    1. Lea la Política de la Junta 5117 antes de completar su formulario.
    2. Completa un formulario entre distritos. (Use el formulario relacionado con el empleo si trabaja en el distrito que está solicitando).
    3. Complete el formulario por completo. Si tiene dos proveedores de cuidado infantil, enumere ambos.
    4. Envíe el formulario a la Oficina del Distrito, 3150 Education Dr, envie un fax al 707-542-6127 o envie in correo electronico a superintendent@busd.org.
    5. Los distritos escolares tienen 30 días a partir de la fecha de recepción para notificar a los padres si su solicitud ha sido aprobada o rechazada.
    6. Si se aprueba su solicitud, se enviará directamente a su distrito deseado para su revisión (se aprobará / negará según su política de la junta).
    7. Si se rechaza su solicitud, recibirá una copia de la solicitud denegada más una carta explicando los pasos siguientes:> a) llame a la oficina del distrito, b) complete un paquete de apelación de BUSD dentro de las 30 dias (el incumplimiento del plazo de 30 días se considerará un abandono del proceso), c) entregue su paquete de apelación, d) esté presente en la reunión de la Junta BUSD.
    8. Detalles y pasos adicionales son proporcionados por la Oficina de Educación del Condado de Sonoma


  • Documents

    Parent/Student Agreements

    Revoked/Rescinded Interdistrict:

    Per policy 5117:

    1. Once a student is admitted, the district may deny him/her continued attendance because of overcrowded facilities at the relevant grade level.
    2. An approved incoming interdistrict may be revoked at any time due to poor attendance including, but not limited to more than three tardies (under and over thirty minutes), truancy, and receipt of attendance letter 1, 2, and/or 3.
    3. An approved incoming interdistrict may be revoked at any time if a student does not follow school rules and policies, including those listed in the student/parent manual, Board Policy and/or if they do not conduct themselves in a manner that allows other students to learn and teachers to teach.

    Mesa 5117:

    1. Una vez que el estudiante se admita, el distrito puede negarle a él/ella asistencia continúa debido a instalaciones superpobladas en el nivel académico pertinente.
    2. Un entrante entre distritos aprobado se puede revocar en cualquier hora debido a asistencia mala, incluyendo, pero no limitado a más de tres tardanzas (menos y más de treinta minutos), hacer novillos, y recibo de carta de asistencia 1, 2, y/o 3.
    3. Un entrante entre distritos aprobado se puede revocar en cualquier hora si un estudiante no obedece las reglas y políticas escolares, incluyendo aquellos enumerados en el manual de estudiante/padre, la Política de la Mesa Directiva y/o si ellos no se comportan en una manera que permite a los demás estudiantes aprender y los maestros enseñar.